A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Bound and fight your way through a neverending barrage of culinary enemies! Your foes drop ingredients upon death, which you can throw back at them as projectiles or cook into powerups or items. There are 20 different combinations possible, so experiment with different recipes as you try to survive. Controls in-game but entirely keyboard based.

How it matches the theme:

Combat in Cooking Combat revolves around collecting and using the ingredients that drop from enemies. Ingredients themselves can be thrown back at enemies to deal damage from afar, and furthermore hitting an enemy with their own kind of ingredient is an instant kill. If you collect 3 ingredients, however, you can instead cook them together into one of 20 possible dishes. These can either be eaten for a personal power up or activated to debuff enemies, change the battlefield, make special attacks, and more. The combat itself is also highly mobile, with each kind of attack having some kind of movement effect, allowing you to bound back and forth between enemies as well as use some enemies to reach others.


Uses Unity 5.6, Font is Courier. Art done with Paint Tool Sai.

All code written by Jahwffrey with all art (of the good) created by his wonderful , artistic girlfriend.

Music provided by some wonderful people over at battleofthebits.org!

get chopped: http://battleofthebits.org/barracks/Profile/tfx/

pizza versus sandwich: http://battleofthebits.org/barracks/Profile/aji/

Special thanks to Ktcmoop & Savestate for helping make this happen!

Install instructions

This game should be able to run like any unity execultable!


CookingCombatMac.app.zip 18 MB
CookingCombatWindows.zip 15 MB


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if the controls were better it would be cool